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Palm Trees (Bahamas). Winslow Homer. 1888.

Holy eff, this c.’73 Rickenbacker 4001 is the lightest, most strident-sounding Ric Bass I’ve ever played. Worn-in, perfectly set up and with a potent sound, I can’t imagine this one’s going to last long. For sale soon! OMG indeed… #guitar #bass #vintage #rickenbacker #4001 #seattle #vintageguitar (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)
#Report: Shades [2 of 2]. The file is in, View “Privacy Shades” at [Gentlemenstable.com]
.@posiehh went on a field trip to the @masonshaker offices yesterday and sampled “NO JOKE the best gin and tonic,” made with spirits from their homemade gin kit. Click on the link in our profile to check it out on Provisions!
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Yesterday we sold nearly 1000 vintage blue Ball canning jars. We still have a few left if you would like to place an order. They’re $6 a piece and shipping is free all weekend (worldwide). We added vintage clear jars with zinc lids to the line up. | LIVEAUTHENTIC.US.
Louvre • #muséedulouvre #paris #france #iloveparis #imissparis #europe #vsco #vscocam #vscodaily